Is America A Christian Nation?

 If so, that would make us followers of a brown-skinned Middle Eastern guy who didn’t speak a word of English.  His platform for change was good news to the poor, freedom for prisoners, free universal health care, women’s rights, voluntary redistribution of wealth, tolerance of differences, and justice for the marginalized and oppressed.  His main enemies were the religious right and the military-industrial complex.  His political enemies said that his message of change would destroy the moral fiber of the nation and that his financial policies would ruin the economy.  He was eventually arrested and accused of being the leader of a terrorist cell and working to overthrow the government.  He died a convicted felon.

So you want us to build our nation on this guy’s teachings and example?  Cool!  When do we get started?


3 Replies to “Is America A Christian Nation?”

  1. Makes me wanna put on a Larry Norman album: “Some say he was an outlaw, that he roamed across the land, with a band of unschooled ruffians and a few old fishermen…Some say he was the sun of God, a man above all men, That he came to be a servant and to set us free from sin.” RIP Larry, and thank you.

  2. Jim -that is so profoundly true & stands politics on its head. Could I have your permission to post it on my facebook page?

  3. Yes we are a Christian nation, but we still must stone the rapist, live with those whom have their tractors stuck in the mud, make abortion a capital offense, and make medicine from wild herbs. Our leader’s policies will be ignored and contentions will be at every turn by the weak minded. The deranged may attempt assassinations, fail and be chained to a stone. We must keep our eyes on our neighbors stuff if we hope to have our stuff watched when we are not around.

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