Jim’s Health Updates

04.16.2021 Initial Report:

Hi friends, We’ve got some news to share with you about my health. I was recently diagnosed with a cancer called Multiple Myeloma. The cancer was fortunately caught by an alert Primary Care doctor through some abnormal readings on a routine blood test.  MM is a cancer of the plasma cells in the bone marrow. It’s not curable, but is treatable. We’ve chosen a chemotherapy treatment which is proposed to continue for one year. If I respond well to the treatment, remission is possible.

I started treatment April 15, 2021. Treatment is three weeks on and one week off. After only one treatment, side effects are minimal but those who know tell me the effects tend to be cumulative, so I’ll probably be ready for the week off when it gets here! I’m in good health otherwise, so that’s in my favor. My disease is at Stage 2 of 3 Stages. Doctor’s comment: Overall, findings are prognostically favorable.” I love science!

Jean and I are doing well. This caught us by surprise, but after a month and a half of blood tests, MRI scans, and bone marrow biopsies we’ve accepted that we’re moving into a new season of life that simply isn’t going to be like it was before the diagnosis.

We’re having lots of discussions: Jean and I, Jean and I and the kids and grandkids, Jean and I and cancer survivors we know. We’ve learned more about cancer than we ever wanted to know and we’re just getting started!

We would appreciate your prayers for healing and for wisdom and for God’s continued provision as we daily remind ourselves of two of the most important questions: 1) What really matters? 2) How much is enough? And as we also hourly remind ourselves that God has always been faithful and will continue to be faithful through this season.

Thanks for your love, prayers and support.

Love from Jim and Jean Stephens