Glimpses of Beauty

Here’s a line from my list of To Do’s for today: Look for glimpses of beauty in the moment. Point out beauty spots to others who may have missed them.

So when I walked Buddy the Dog four blocks around the neighborhood, I consciously looked for glimpses of beauty. Here’s some of what I saw:

  • Glittering diamond-drops of water on the grass.
  • Glowing pearls of ice-drops on branches in the shade.
  • Flowers – lavender, purple, red, yellow, pink, more yellow.
  • New leaves glowing fluorescent green as the morning sun shone through.
  • Buddy the dog, high on sniffing a hundred morning smells.
  • Buddy pulling the leash and swaggering the way he does when he sees another dog.
  • Miniature elm leaves just forming on the branch.
  • Snow peaks ahead as I turned toward home – all white with only spots of black rock showing.
  • Lawns fresh-mowed with the cut pattern still sharp.
  • Fuzzy lawn, needing mowed (mine!)
  • Cold breeze blowing on my face when I walked east and at my back on the way home.
  • Fresh red bark dust next to weathered brown bark dust in a yard, smells great.

That’s what I saw this morning.  I just wanted you to know.

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